Our Idea

Something to do with boards and t-shirts and an idea we had sat on a cold chair lift somewhere in France.

Remember that feeling on the hill, when the wind and snow was beating against you, but you'd never felt so good? Or when you look out of the window seeing blue sky and dry concrete, meaning you can go skating with your friends? You do?... Then you know where we're coming from.

jämvikt is all about having fun, we don't take ourselves too seriously, we don't think we're rock stars and we're not going to change the world. We do want to make great clothes for people who are into their riding as much as we are.

We're starting small, but we've got big plans. We hope to produce new shirt designs every few months, but we're not stopping there. We have our sights on headwear, sweats and even jeans.


100% jämvikt